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IA Teacher Training Diploma Course

Before the Final Examination of the Teacher Training Diploma Course, the following must have been completed:-

5 Test Papers

3 Learning Aids

Continuous Assessment of  Practical Teacher Abilities

Also the prospective tutor must have full understanding of:-

Central Filing - How to best use the system, what is contained within the system, quick retrieval of information.

Lesson Plans - To be done before each course / lesson, to show how lesson is to be timed, information contained within the lesson.

Organization of Classes - How to produce a well structured timetable, choice of classroom and subject, etc.

Ability to work as a group to help the funning of the school.

Paperwork for International Aestheticiennes - Introduction, Syllabuses, Examination Documents, etc.

Having completed the above, the candidate can take the Final Examination, which consists of:-

A One Hour Practical Examination

A One Hour Theory Examination

to be chosen by the Examiner

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