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The IA Examination System 

The backbone of International Aestheticiennes is the examination system, which has done much to raise the standard of  holistic health, beauty and complementary therapy training around the world. 

I.A. exams operate in a modular format, which involves breaking down skills and ideas into digestible chunks, which in turn makes learning easier. 

The system was developed years ahead of the European N.V.Q. requirements. Whilst the intention of this was to make learning more efficient, and therefore more enjoyable, it has enabled a wider ability range to be taught, opening up the profession to a broader range of entrants.

It has been adopted by many including the Open Learning Materials, which cover I.A.s syllabuses. because of this modular structure, skill development becomes more accessible, and easier to teach.  

"Even well trained and qualified professionals need to constantly upgrade their skills to maximize their earning potential."

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